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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wrist watch me

I'm screaming for attention with dirty skin and my socks are sticking to my feet. I'm glued here in silence in a picture postcard pinned to the inside of your eyelids.
Un-frame me!
Un-frame me!
Un-frame me!
That image of me is much more satisfying, much less of the bitter sting. It leaves no sour taste.

loneliness is next to loneliness

Let me sleep net to your body with the lights on so the world knows I'm not alone. Then draw the shades because I know that you're ashamed of what you've done...
"With him?!"
"You did!?"
"Thats all?!"
you're all the same.
This life is a traveling act, an illusion of a boy with both hands gripping a love stained suicide pact.


I've been at this funeral for weeks, digging up your body and begging the corpse to breath.

the boy who cried WOOF

My guilty pleasure is writing up suicide notes and mailing them to my family and friends. Just to see the reaction that I get. Which one hits the hardest like a brick to the chest? Which one gets the next best girl to take off her dress? Which one never gets sent but carved instead inside a heart in oak? Signed sincerely "YOU&ME"

knock turnal E mission

All this powers gone to my head
but I still catch myself waking up from wet dreams where you are wishing I was dead.
Its all in my head
"Its all in your head." she said
Its all in my head
Put a pillow on the train tracks
Maybe that will be my bed

sleep deprivation

I've got a sick sick thing for that girl
it busts me up more and more every day
So ill save face by throwing punches at the world
I'll hurt myself a thousand times if it means you'll shed no more tears
I'll take it on the chin
baby its my cross to bear
cause I've been beat up
and walked on
but I've done my share
baby its my cross to bare
so don't miss me
glad you didn't kiss me
cause I'm just skinned knees
and holes in my blue jeans
it'll make things harder
so baby dont bother,
wasting all your sweet tears
on this sick mistake
and red hot nightmares
sweetheart its my cross to bare